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Dry Hair Causes & Solutions

When your scalp doesn’t produce enough oil to moisture the hair shaft this the recipe for dry hair. When you notice that your hair is brittle, frizzy or dull these are the symptoms to look out for when experiencing dry hair.

Causes for dry hair:

The number one cause of dry hair stems from the scalp’s condition. If your scalp is dry and lacking natural lubrication it creates your hair will become dry. Since the roots are under the epidermis, dry scalp goes along with dry hair. When the epidermis peels and sheds, this can lead to dandruff and other scalp conditions.

Environmental conditions:

Climates that are dry, hot, or even climates that have frequent wind exposure. Also, frequent exposure to salty water or chlorine can lead to dry hair as well.

Hair Care Practices:

If you wash your hair too often using harsh shampoo this can also be a cause for dry hair. Using heat to often such as flat ironing, curing irons, and blow drying can lead to dry hair. Harsh chemicals like relaxers, perms or dye can cause dry hair as well.

Solutions to dry hair:

Now what we’ve identified possible causes for dry hair, let’s discuss the solutions. Wash your hair with a quality shampoo once or twice a week. Use hydrating conditioners such as leave in conditioners and deep conditioners that contain ingredients that are proven to create moisture to your strands. Trim your slit ends at least twice a year or even quarterly if you notice splitting ends or if your hair is hard to detangle. Lastly but probably the most important is to hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.

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