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"I am so glad that you came out with a hair oil, and not just a hair oil, an oil that is helps me retain my length. I've been using this product for a month now and have seen results already! Less excess sheading and breakage. Definitely my go to hair oil!" 

-Imani S.
(Activate Length Retention Drops)

"When I tell you my hair is soft, I mean soft SOFT. after using this product multiple times, my hair is more manageable on wash days. It detangles my hair with ease. Love this product!"

- Hanna G.
(ZAM Effect Leave in Conditioner)

"I have to be careful not to use too much of this gel because of how good it applies to my hair. I LOVE this gels slip. It defines my curls and has hold. My styles last for days."

- Kelli M.
(ZAM Effect Styling Gel)

"So I have locs and needed a good oil for my scalp. This scalp and hair oil is doing my locs right. My scalp is healthier then ever. Added this to my stapple stash!"

- Candace L.
(Scalp & Length Retention Hair Oil)


Hair Nimation

Our founder, Lakisha combined her passions for Science, hair care and animation to create a new hair care experience. One that cultivates personality, style and creativity. We are not just a hair care brand, we are an experience! Inspired by individuality and confidence, we add a flair to modern day hair care!

The world is a canvas

Your hair is the paintbrush!™️

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